Private Wealth Management

Colwyn Investments is an independent investment advisory firm located in South Jordan, Utah. We provide individually created portfolios that are managed on a daily basis according to your goals, risk tolerance and time-frame. We believe the fundamental principles of investing are key to long-term success. These include asset allocation, diversification, and risk management. We do not pretend to know what the future will bring, but we promise to be there when it comes.

Financial Services

Investment Advisory Services

Investment Advising - Index funds, actively managed funds, exchange-traded funds, and individual securities
We provide individually created portfolios that are managed on a daily basis according to your goals, risk tolerance and time-frame.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning
We believe the fundamental principles of investing are key to long-term success. These include asset allocation, diversification, and risk-management.

Retirement Plan Consulting

Retirement Planning - 401(k) and 403(b) plans, pension and profit sharing plans, cash balance plans, and deferred compensation plans
Consulting for employer-sponsored retirement plans. Having a plan is the best way to stay on course to reach your destination.

FREE Medicare Insurance Plan Consulting

Choosing the right medicare plan is easy with Colwyn as your partner. We understand Medicare and can help you choose the right plan this year.
Our Approach:

We start by listening. Before any advice is given, it is essential that we understand what is important to you. Together, we review your objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon. Once we understand your “complete picture” we can effectively implement your investment strategy to work toward accomplishing your goals.

We have developed strategic alliances with key professionals to coordinate financial, tax, legal and personal issues to provide a comprehensive and integrated plan that is appropriate to your unique circumstances. We believe that the synergy created by professionals working together makes our team approach more efficient than working with any one of us individually.

Unlike many brokers, we are an independent fee-based Registered Investment Advisor firm with no proprietary investment products to push.  Our approach is different.

  • We have found that the out-of-date commission system is an obstacle to conscientious advisors because it stresses transaction, which may not always be in your best interest.
  • Our fees vary depending on portfolio size.
  • Because the better your account does the better we do, our interests are aligned with yours.  We focus on your financial objectives and your future.

The result? You gain the financial clarity to make informed decisions and manage your wealth more effectively.

The Financial Analyst Journal did a study on the key components of portfolio performance.

This study showed that 91.5 percent of a portfolio’s investment return is gained through the allocation of the asset classes.  In other words, almost all return is determined by how well diversified the portfolio was.  It did not matter so much what the actual stocks were but what the relationship or correlation was of the stocks in the portfolio.  This study is also another example of how using speculative methods of investing, like market timing, do not add value to the return of a portfolio.

“Determinants of portfolio performance,” Financial Analysis Journal, Gary P. Brinson, L Randolf Hood, and Gilbert L Beebower. 1986 Revisiting Determinants of Portfolio Performance: “An Update,” Brinson, Singer, Beebower, 1991.  Determinants of Portfolio Performance:  “An Update,” Benson, Singer and Beebower, 1996.

When we do a portfolio analysis for people we show them exactly how they are currently diversified based on the positions they own in their portfolio.  The next step is to show them how they compare to a broadly diversified portfolio.

The broadly diversified portfolios we create have many different asset classes, such as: Real Estate, BDC’s (business development companies), Credit Products, international high book-to-market stocks, emerging countries’ stocks, international small stocks, and global fixed-income securities, as well as more common US exposure, each with a low correlation to the others.

Individual Relationships

The foundation of Colwyn Investments is centered on individual relationships. We limit the number of clients we serve in order to maintain the highest level of performance in our delivery of services.

Dr. Jack has been researching individual savings behavior for many years. He has publications and presentations on individual savings, life-satisfaction, and qualitative analysis. His greatest desire is to see individuals and families meet their savings expectations, because when they do, their satisfaction with life increases dramatically.

Meet Dr. Sterling Jack

Why You Need an Advisor

23% of those with access to professional advice have actually used it.
49% of those believe they would achieve better investment results by getting help from a professional advisor.
70% say they would feel extremely confident or very confident in their ability to make the right investment decisions if they consulted with a financial professional.

*Unless otherwise indicated, all data are from the 2014 401(k) Participant Survey conducted by Koski Research for Schwab Retirement Plan Services, Inc.

Our Mission:

It is the mission of Colwyn Investments to manage wealth using the fundamental principles of asset-allocation, diversification and risk management.

We focus on individual relationships, offering honest, relevant, un-biased investment advice.


A constant recurrence to the fundamentals of investing will always lead to superior performance.


Honesty, relevancy, and extremely specific due-diligence.