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Empowering Women’s Wealth: How High-Net-Worth Financial Advisors Meet Your Unique Financial Needs

By Todd Sirrine
March 14, 2024
Empowering Women's Wealth: How High-Net-Worth Financial Advisors

Embarking on a financial journey with high-net-worth financial advisors means more than just smart investment choices; it’s about building a partnership tailored to your unique financial narrative. These advisors bring expertise and empathy to the table, essential for anyone, especially women, looking to weave their values and aspirations into their financial fabric. Dive into how these specialists can guide you to a future where your wealth is not just grown but truly aligned with your personal vision.


Carol’s Financial Awakening

Carol had always been a hard-working and dedicated professional. She spent over three decades in the same company, rising from a junior analyst to a senior executive. Carol had never paid much attention to her 401k plan, trusting that her employer and the market would take care of it. She had also never thought much about her parents’ finances, assuming they had enough savings and insurance to cover their needs.


But everything changed when Carol retired at the age of 65. She was looking forward to enjoying her golden years, traveling the world, pursuing her hobbies, and spending time with her friends. Carol was also relieved that her parents were still alive and healthy, living in their own home. She planned to visit them often and help them when she could.


Facing Unexpected Challenges

However, life is full of experience, and fate had other plans for Carol. Shortly after her retirement, her parents fell ill and required constant care. Carol had to put her dreams on hold and devote herself to caring for them. She hired nurses and caregivers, helped pay for medical bills and prescriptions, and made frequent trips to their house. She also had to deal with their legal and financial matters, which turned out to be more complicated than she had expected.


Navigating Financial Complexity

Carol’s parents had been very prudent with their money, but they had no clear will or estate plan. Their investments were scattered and not well documented. Carol had to sort out their mess, negotiate with creditors, and hire lawyers and accountants. She also had to sell their house and belongings, which was as emotionally draining as anything she had ever faced despite her success and professional experience.


The Quest for Trusted Financial Advice

Carol’s parents passed away within a year of each other, leaving Carol heartbroken and exhausted. Her personal finances had grown better than expected, and she had also inherited a large sum of money from her parents’ estate when they passed. Carol suddenly found herself with a significant asset base she had no idea how to manage. Certainly, she could figure it out – but she also felt a significant obligation to protect her assets, especially the funds from her parents. It wasn’t just expertise that Carol needed; what she was looking for was, firstly, a relationship built on trust. Someone who didn’t make her feel judged or inadequate yet could educate and partner with her in crafting the best opportunities to protect, grow, and utilize the funds she had received.


Carol needed an advisor who would manage her wealth in a way that aligned with her unique financial needs and aspirations. She needed tools, insights, and support, not some generic 800 number or AI chatbot.


Unique Financial Needs of High-Net-Worth Women

Carol and many high-net-worth women like you face challenges and opportunities that require specialized financial advice and guidance. High-net-worth women often:


  • Have multiple and complex sources of income and assets, such as business ownership, inheritance, divorce settlement, estate settlement, or philanthropy.
  • Have longer life expectancy and higher health care costs than men, which means you need to plan for a longer retirement with opportunities for additional growth and learning but also be prepared for perhaps long-term care needs.
  • Have different risk tolerance and investment preferences than others, which means you need a portfolio that reflects your values and goals—something designed around you and not some generic model.
  • Have different estate planning and legacy goals that are unique to you, which means you need a comprehensive and tax-efficient strategy to protect and transfer your wealth to your loved ones and the causes you care about.


Empowering Your Financial Future

To address these challenges and opportunities, high-net-worth financial advisors can understand your situation and provide you with customized and holistic solutions. High-net-worth financial advisors are not just money managers but trusted partners who can help you:


  • Clarify your financial goals and values, and create a financial plan that aligns with them.
  • Optimize your portfolio performance and risk management and incorporate values-based investing strategies that support the companies, initiatives, and causes you care about.
  • Navigate your wealth’s tax implications and legal complexities, and implement tax-efficient strategies to minimize your tax burden and maximize your after-tax returns.
  • Plan for your retirement and health care needs, and ensure you have adequate income and protection to enjoy the future with peace of mind.
  • Create a lasting legacy for your family and community, and design an estate plan that reflects your wishes and values.


Legacy Planning: A Comprehensive Approach

As a place to begin, let’s discuss some legacy planning concepts you might consider. A Legacy is more than mere wealth distribution: it is about the impact we leave on the world and those around us. Leaving a legacy encompasses the values, love, and support that define your relationships and the tools you provide for future generations’ success.


While money isn’t the only way to leave a legacy, it is a crucial tool to help your family progress and create space for meaningful causes. Comprehensive financial planning enables you to thoughtfully determine how your finances will contribute to the world, ensuring that the wealth you’ve accumulated positively impacts the lives of those you cherish and brings you peace of mind.


Our approach encompasses the acronym LEGACY developed by Scott Marsh, professor and financial educator at Brigham Young University and the Scott Marsh Education Institute:


  • L (Longevity): Plan for extended lifespans, ensuring structures and programs that endure.
  • E (Endowment mindset): Adopt the principle of spending only on growth, preserving the principal gift.
  • G (Giving): Establish foundations or funds that resonate with your values, making a tangible difference.
  • A (Ancestry): Influence future generations by preserving your life experiences, values, and learnings.
  • C (Communication): Enhance communication during and after your lifetime, inspiring and educating future generations.
  • Y (Yield): Monitor and optimize your investments’ yields, ensuring they align with your desired outcomes.


Invitation to Partner with Trusted High-Net-Worth Financial Advisors

You have the ability to transform your wealth into a legacy that benefits and inspires generations to come. As high-net-worth financial advisors, we have the experience, expertise, and resources to help you achieve your financial goals, empower your wealth, and build a legacy you will be pleased with. I have worked with many successful women like you, and I understand the unique challenges and opportunities that you face. My goal is to partner with you, either to bring your existing values and vision to life or to assist in defining one that’s meaningful. I am committed to helping you make a positive impact with your money and to feel confident as you do so.

If you are ready to take your wealth to the next level and align it with your mission, I invite you to reach out to me for a complimentary consultation. Together, we can create a financial plan that empowers you and those you care about.

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