The Weekly summary…
“Schwab Market Perspective: Round and Round We Go…
Liz Ann Sonders
Brad Sorensen
Jeffrey Kleintop
– September 16, 2016
Key Points

After August’s all-time highs followed by a stall, stocks were once again jolted into action by mixed messages from the Federal Reserve (Fed). We continue to believe the bull market is intact but near term risks are elevated.
Economic data continues to have a groundhog day quality to it—perking up some before then pulling back again. The attendant movement between tighter and looser financial conditions has caused the Fed to also ping pong between dovish and hawkish rhetoric.
The Fed isn’t the only game in town and other global central banks have added to uncertainty, with many catalysts this fall potentially adding to the monetary mashup.”

…So we will continue with increased volatility in the coming weeks. The Presidential Election and other factors will weigh heavy in the final quarter of the year. If you have any questions, call me or email me.